As your Board Downtown Oroville Board of Directors, during these difficult times we’re trying to not only keep our personal businesses afloat but, of course, yours too!

If your business has been forced to only allow CURBSIDE PICK-UP, we’d like to make you a 2 feet x 3 feet sign for your window to help get the word out.  We all can only guess how long our doors will be closed to the public.  Please SCROLL DOWN to see the EXAMPLE!  The information we”ll need from you to make these posters include 1. Business Name, 2. Phone Number, & 3. Curbside Pick Up and/or Takeout.  Other information we can include if you’d like are 4. Website, 5. Social Media Handles, & 6. Hours of Operation.  We’ll be making and printing these ASAP so please reply to this email with all the information if you’d like one!

Also, we’ve been thoroughly researching to find the best resources available for you at this time. We’ve found a number of significantly helpful items that could help your business. 

You’ve surely seen/heard about the government CARES Act/Coronavirus Relief Bill and you’ve likely thought there’s no way this is actually going to help your business (I know I did…).  However, we’re pretty certain it WILL!  We narrowed down the information to find what we think is most applicable and beneficial for our unique downtown businesses.  If you’re up at night wondering if your business is going to survive then these are your first steps:

– Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a forgivable loan. You can apply for this loan through your bank (it’s first come, first serve and projections are it will go fast).  You use the loan to retain workers, pay rent/mortgage on your business, and utilities.  For loan forgiveness (which yes means FREE money) you have to use the loan within 8 weeks on qualifying expenditures and be able to prove that (Payroll, Rent, Utilities that were in place before Feb 15th).  A few key points are even if you’ve already laid employees off, you can still bring them “back” and qualify for the forgiveness.  I’ll be asking my accountant to help me fill out the application so I can maximize the forgivable loan amount.  Applications go live TOMORROW, Friday, April 4th.  I use Bank of America and they told me the application will be on their website starting tomorrow since they’re an approved lender, so definitely check with your bank!

Here are a few links that go more into depth about the PPP and the other grants and loans available:
– One page overview
– Video on the program and on how to apply:
– More info on PPP Forgivable Loans
– More info on the entire CARES Act:
– Info about all options:

Butte College Small Business Development Center can HELP YOU JUMP THROUGH THE HOOPS to get the funding and forgiveness.  This program has staff to help you ensure you’re getting the resources and are lined up for loan forgiveness under PPP. Sign up to be a part of that and receive help through them through this link:
Click the APPLY NOW button at the top of the page.  As the Small Business Development Center, they’re the experts in making the CARES Act/Relief Bill work for our local businesses.

(Don’t hate them just because they’re Chico.  Their mission is to support all of north state.) Chico Start has a number of online workshops coming up that may help you set your business up for maximum success now, and when things go back to normal.  Here’s the full list and links to register:
We’ve picked 2 that we think could really help: 
– Reach customers online with Google: April 8th – Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your business using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Smart Campaigns in Google Ads.
– Use YouTube to Grow Your Business: April 22nd – Get best practices for creating a YouTube Channel and compelling video content that promotes your products and services and drives engagement with your brand.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll help us find someone that does!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Robin Zanon
Downtown Oroville President
Owner of Gallery Interiors