Meet the local chef who has a passion for good food and creating lasting memories.

Hello, my name is Preston Farris, I am 28 years old and born and raised in Butte County. Growing up food was a bit of a challenge for me, not because I ever went without a meal, but because I didn’t have a lot available to me due to financial constraints. So I had to get creative. I watched hours and hours of cooking and travel shows, wanting desperately to try the amazing foods I was seeing. I eventually picked up some limited skills here and there and taught myself how to cook.

Then I got pretty good at it. Started cooking dinner for my family and thought maybe this could be a career path for me. After graduating from culinary school and working in restaurants in Chico for over six years, I’m still on that path over a decade later and couldn’t be happier! 

I believe that good food invites good company, it is and always has been a way to bring people together. Not only do I love cooking because of the creative aspect, but also because of how powerful a meal can be for creating lasting memories with the people we enjoy the meal with. I look forward to helping myself, and others build those memories over a tasty meal. 

Chef Preston Farris 1Chef Farris will bring his culinary skills and passion for good food to the Downtown Oroville Farm-to-Table Dinner on October 7th. Click this link for tickets: Farm-to-Table Tickets

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Chef Farris currently works at Heirloom Kitchen in Chico.