The strength of an organization is not in how they perform when things are going well but how they perform when things are not going well.  I don’t have to tell you that we’re in the part of things not going so well, you know that.  As board members, and as people who are dedicated to the success of downtown, we are all in a little bit of a panic and we understand that.  Most of us are trying multiple methods to keep businesses afloat.

But I do want to encourage you, we’re here to help.  At this point we’re all becoming experts in what’s working and what’s not working for our business.  I think it would behoove everyone if you could just share with us what’s working for you and whats not.  Where you’re finding success, what’s bringing you hope or income or value?  What your strategy is for when we’re given the a-okay to reopen again? Then we can share it with the full group, helping each other further develop our action plans.

Sending a check-in email once a week or so could take about 5-10 minutes, but may end up coming back to you with ideas from what other businesses are doing, or could help your neighbor pay their rent.  To me 5 min is worth it, hopefully it’s worth it to you too.

Krysi from the Axiom would like to start:

“What I’m working on right now is the CARE’s Act- Payroll Protection Program Application.  Based on my calculations, this loan for Axiom, when used properly which you know I’ll be watching to make sure we fulfill those requirements, could make the entire loan forgivable.  This would fill the gap in giving that we’re experiencing.  Your business could qualify for this too, so refer to the helpful info email sent out yesterday by Downtown Oroville. We’re also working on this for the Downtown Oroville Business Association as well.  Even though Axiom isn’t a store or even really a business, the customer aspect is still really important to us.  Our students and/or donors are what I consider our two customer bases.  To reach them I’ve amped up online/social media activity including ways for them to stay connected to each other, stay busy, have fun and know they’re cared for, valued, and supported by us.”

Again, please let me know if you have any questions. 

Robin Zanon
Downtown Oroville President
Owner of Gallery Interiors