Get out your calendar and let’s make some plans!  Here is a sneak peek at the 2021 Downtown Oroville events list. 

More details coming soon, but for now, please use this list to save the dates!

March 5th – Around the World (Tickets On Sale Now!)

April 2nd – First Friday Spring Fling

April 17th – Spring Farm to Table Dinner

May 3rd – 8th Feather Fiesta Days (*limited activities, see below)

May 7th – First Friday Cars Drive-In

May 8th – Salsa Taste-Off 

June 4th – First FridayLei’d Back Luau

May 3rd-8th Feather Fiesta Days

Unfortunately, due to ongoing COVID restrictions, the traditional Feather Fiesta Days celebration will not be happening again this year. However, we are excited to say that Downtown Oroville will be presenting a Drive-In Movie and the annual Salsa Taste-Off. Look for select stores and restaurants to have sales and specials all week long! We are hopeful that next year we can all come together again and create a memorable festival for all those involved. Drive-In Movie, “Disney/Pixar Cars”, Friday, May 7. Tickets go on sale on April, 19.  Salsa Taste-Off is Saturday, May 8th.