If the idea of braving the crowds at big box stores makes you want to curl up next to a toasty fire with a hot mug of cocoa and cozy blanket, don’t go all Grinch on us just yet! The Downtown Oroville shopping district has you covered.

With social distancing measures becoming more important as we head into winter, shopping downtown not only gives you the opportunity to escape the chaos of the big stores AND to support struggling businesses, but also to shop in peace and safety.

Your favorite downtown shops need you more than ever this year so here are the top three ways you can get out and support your community while you celebrate the holidays with your friends and family:

  1. Buy a gift card. Stuck in struggletown with what to get that always hard-to-buy-for person on your list? Don’t rush to Target just yet! Nearly all of the downtown businesses offer gift cards and we’re sure you’ll find a shop for even the toughest people on your list. Choose from over a dozen boutique shops, a total pampering at one of our three spas, or a dinner out at one of our amazing restaurants or wine bars.
  2. Get delivery or order takeout! Feeling pooped from a shopping-fueled day on the town but don’t feel like doing the sit down dining thing? You don’t have to limit yourself to fast food. Downtown Oroville has nine restaurants that offer dine-in or takeout and don’t forget about our cozy cafes too!
  3. Shop local online! Here’s a great way to tackle your list without leaving that toasty fireside. If the shop you’re wanting to buy from doesn’t have a website or a Facebook page, give them a call! Some downtown shops like Tiny Hinies are offering virtual shopping via social media or Facetime in addition to being open for regular hours. Others are offering curbside pickup. Our small businesses have been really creative in making ways to make your shopping a safe and enjoyable experience!

Shopping small and local is more important now than it ever has been. We’re still not sure all of the long term effects the health crisis will have on our local economy. But we do know this:

For every $100 spent on a business in a small community, an EXTRA 25% stays in the community. That means that for every $100 you spend in the downtown area this holiday season, $68 will remain in the community instead of just $43.

Plus, by supporting local businesses, you’re supporting the real people whose services they use- like accountants, tax experts, and your neighbor’s daughter who works weekends at the boutique shop to save for college. 

Even if you think it’s easier or cheaper to shop at big corporate stores, either in person or online, you support your community when you shop small and local. 

This holiday season, please consider skipping the big corporate stores who have already benefited so much from this crisis and do your shopping downtown, where we keep the profits in our community.

Shop with your heart this holiday season! Happy Holidays!